Twister game 🔴 Dots PDF, inspiration and class discounts!

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Hi Reader,

There has been a great response to the Twister therapy game series so I'm sending everyone the Twister visual tracking PDF for free. Here it is:

Twister tracking.pdf

In case you missed the posts here are some ways to use it :

Twister Hops

These are intended to work on the ATNR pattern and visual tracking.

You can grade it up and down using a metronome beat though you may want to just practice jumping to each dot on the beat without the visual first.

video preview

Twister Toss

This is an activity targeting the patterns of the STNR (a developmental pattern/reflex usually mastered in infancy).

So many kids who struggle with this reflex are the same ones slumping over in their desks at school.

video preview

We will talk about the STNR and more ways to vary this movement pattern in our upcoming class. Speaking of the class..

Early Bird Prices End 8/21 for the Visual Efficiency and Reflexes Class!

Get targeted and fun activities for kids struggling with visual efficiency (such as visual tracking skills required for reading).

We will also talk about and define visual efficiency skills and also research on reflex integration and how different diagnoses affect visual skills.

You will get lots of activities and ways to adapt them for your kids.

Even if you have just a handful of kids working on visual skills these activities will leave you feeling inspired to work with all the kids in your caseload in new ways.

This is a reminder to sign up today because after August 21st the price goes up to 59$


Reflex-Based Visual Efficiency Class

This live and recorded online class is for pediatric therapists who are bored of their current VMI toolbox and would... Read more

(PS if you took this class last year and you would like to take it again or you never got around to watching the recording ~I get it, happens to me too!~ Just respond to this email and I will send you a discount code so you can get the class for just 18$!)

Even though this class will be recorded for you, I highly recommend you find a way to join live, it is on Labor Day.

Hoping you have a great rest of your week!

Jasmine the OT

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