Father's Day Craft download and Pinwheel cutout Template

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Hi all!

Hope you enjoy the printables and the accompanying videos.

With these breath activities you teach physical skills for emotional regulation. The deep breaths (longer exhalations than inhalations) make it impossible to stay in the sympathetic fight/ flight state.

It has been a crafty week and I am still working on some of the gross motor videos so sorry PTs getting this email!

PS I really do appreciate everyone who filled out the questionnaire. For those of you interested in reflex integration more is on the way.

Pinwheel craft template.pdf

Visual perceptual bonus: challenge kids with making the same patterns on each corner or have them make one and you copy.

Here is a slower version of how to do the cloud art:

Color Blow Art .pdf

This video is a slower version of how to do the Father's Day color blow art craft:

Tip: do not have kids use construction paper -it tends to be porous and sucks up the liquid making it difficult to blow.

Reminder: If you have not yet taken the free emotional regulation class you can sign up updates to the July 18th event by simply clicking here (no need to fill in your name and email if you're getting this email).

We will talk about practical hands on techniques and activities for regulation, scaffolding difficulties and working with different kinds of kids.

Date Sunday 7/18 1pm PST details:

Link for sharing


Have a great Father's Day (for all those who are celebrating in the US)


Jasmine the OT

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