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Hi Reader,

It is a week of heart-filled activities and here are some ideas for the kids you see :

STNR -Inspired Valentines Reaches

These are great one to use if a child has difficulty:

-sitting still
-maintaining good upright seated posture
-copying from a board or model in front of them
-concentrating and attending to tabletop tasks
-with eye hand coordination such as catching

(All signs that STNR may need further integration)

ATNR-Inspired Valentines Reaches

This activity:
❤️Opens the chest and expands peripheral vision
❤️Reinforces differentiated right and left body awareness
❤️ Works eye tracking and visual discrimination skills
❤️ Is inspired by the integration of the ATNR reflex (a big culprit of academic difficulties such as dyslexia)

Make it easier or start off by having them only use their upper body (no dual tasking).

If they struggle keep place visually have the call out the colors verbally (I needed to do this).

Work figure-ground and discrimination skills by putting up competing symbols!

Here is that heart chart download ❤️(which is a unintended pun since people use HART charts which look like random letters and numbers for similar vision-based tasks. )

I got the ❤️ stickers at the dollar store but you can also print this paper and cut out hearts for your targets. (You don't have to cut out the hearts thoroughly for this to work, a square with a heart in it would do.)

Hope you have a great start to your week!


The Big Picture Therapy

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