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Hi Reader,

I just did a goal check on a kid whose mom is noticing that her son in OT is maturing and instead of resorting to anger or physically harming his brother he is more likely to get her help.

Another dad last week said things that would normally cause huge destructive meltdowns are no longer causing the same reaction. He said he can see his son start to get upset and then regain control much faster than before.

If you are scratching your head with kids that lose control and take forever to recover from big emotions join us for this FREE presentation:

A New Take on Emotional Regulation October 9th @9am PST

⭐️Learn about 3 reflexes that send kids into fight/flight/freeze responses

⭐️Learn over 6 emotional regulation strategies

⭐️A framework to organize it all

There are so many tools out there and this session will also touch on many styles and how to organize them so you can know where you want to focus your continuing education.

Many of you are already RSVP’d! Here is the link to read more about it.

(you won’t get duplicate emails if you RSVP by the way)

This presentation will be the same lecture that is in the

OT Association of Oregon Virtual Continuing Education Summit October 9th (same day) at 11am.

You could pay 200$ for this conference (and also get recordings of all of these lectures to watch for later)

(There are different prices for members and students etc. )

But because I value you for being a subscriber I wanted to give this lecture to you for free!

I think you will still have a blast learning about more creative ways to work on reflexes and also think about the kids you see in a new way.

This should be an intimate group so there will be time to share and brainstorm new ways to do activities.

Also it will NOT be recorded but if you can't make it check out the full virtual OTAO conference where it will be recorded.

If you already RSVP’d Great I’ll send the zoom link and workbook soon!

P.S. People online have been enjoying this last activity idea that is inspired by one reflex that sends children in to a protective response the: Moro Reflex.

If you just skimmed all of this, in a nutshell, RSVP for our free class:

A New Take on Emotional Regulation

October 9th @9am PST


See you there!

Joyfully in service,

Jasmine the OT

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