Free Emotional Regulation Event for Therapists

Sunday October 9th Time TBA

Teaching Children Emotional Regulation

Top Down (mental) and Bottom Up (physical)

Strategies for Therapists


  • How to talk about emotional regulation so that kids can hear you
  • How to pick which regulation programs to use with your client
  • Unique benefits of both Top Down and Bottom Up strategies

By the end of the presentation participants will:

  • Describe and use a framework to organize decision making for choosing bottom up (physical) vs Top down (cognitive) strategies
  • Learn over 6 new self-regulation strategies for kids 4 years and over that have frequent emotional outbursts, meltdowns and anxiety
  • Describe 3 Primitive reflexes that send kids into fight/flight states
  • Feel comfortable assessing for diaphragmatic breathing and learn 2 breath release techniques

For Therapists Who:

  • Are constantly looking for new ways to reach different populations
  • Working with kids that "get it" but don't "use" the tools they know
  • Want to explore regulation programs before committing to training and buying materials


"Thought the emotional regulation course was a great mix of learning new content as well as strengthening my understanding of other more familiar activities/strategies I currently use. The course offered multiple chances to collaborate with other therapists across the country which was helpful and I would totally do it again!" -Autumn F OTA

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